"We can help you beat the odds and achieve your dream of a career in law enforcement."

At Police Exam Career Prep we recognize how difficult it has become to obtain a job in the field of Law Enforcement. Our instructors are active Police Officers who provide the fundamental tools and training to help make your dream a reality. From written exam prep and physical agility training, to helping you gain life experience, engage in the community and develop interviewing skills, our program helps to make you the most attractive candidate to local departments. Our program's success speaks for itself with the success our students have experienced across local and state agencies.

Police Exam Career Prep Future LEOs
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This is a group that provides support and assistance to individuals who are working towards achieving their goal of a career in law enforcement.

If you’re ready to sign up, be sure to check out our Upcoming Classes page, or contact us directly at 585-734-9122 for answers to questions on our courses, staff or related inquiries.

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