"We can help you beat the odds and achieve your dream of a career in law enforcement."

Joice G Rochester, NY - Feb 22, 2018
I couldn't have done it without Police Exam Career Prep! Thank you for pushing me and helping me get the best of me!
Conor Frascatore Fairport, NY - Feb 21, 2018

Justin I followed your process I got up and took breaks when I  could,  I checked off certain questions that I had trouble with, I  answered questions checked off tough ones and I went back to them later after I completed the rest of the test, I really enjoyed some of the sample questions that you guys gave us , they really pushed me to think hard so when I went to that test everything felt easier and more natural, I cannot thank you enough I couldn’t wait to call and tell you, I got a 100% on the police exam!

Colton Berwleski Pittsford, NY - Jan 29, 2018

Before your class I had no idea about what the test was going to be like.

Mark LaRose Rochester, NY - Dec 5, 2017

The classes really helped me. I immediately knew the first class this was going to make me successful/ The material and practice test were amazing.

Josh Daniel Batavia, NY - Oct 5, 2017

Great class, solid and factual information given. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting into law enforcement. The competition is stiff, you need to give yourself every advantage available. This class is one of them.

Brandon Doody Webster, NY - Sep 14, 2017
Awesome instructors and excellent information highly recommend!
Linda Goodrum Rochester, NY - Aug 16, 2017

Thank you for everything you've done for my daughter! We support Police Exam Career Prep!

TJ Drennan Syracuse, NY - Jul 7, 2017

I have now passed 5 straight physical agility tests since joining Police Exam Career Prep! Wouldn't have made it without your class!

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