"We can help you beat the odds and achieve your dream of a career in law enforcement."

Police Exam Career Prep is a group of active law enforcement officers who provide services to dedicated men and women who are working to achieve their dream of career in Law Enforcement from the initial written entrance exam to physical agility and academy conditioning, background preparation, and interview consultations.  We can help you beat the odds and achieve your dream of becoming a Police Officer.  

If you’re serious about a career as a Police Office, it’s important to understand and prepare yourself for the rigorous hiring process.  The Police Officer hiring process includes:

Helping You Prepare to Become a Police Officer

The process of starting a law enforcement career is one that comes with a unique set of qualifications, requirements, and challenges. Going about it on your own can be a daunting process, especially to those who are the first in their family to answer the call.  At Police Exam Career Prep, our team of active Police Officers work to help those passionate about police careers in reaching their goals.  We offer a full spectrum of exam preparation programs and courses; each one designed to help you fully understand what to expect during the application process, background, interviews, and transition to the police academy.

Whether you’re planning on applying to the Rochester, NY police department, taking the Monroe County Deputy Sheriff's exam, or cross-filling applications throughout the region, our innovative courses will help you prepare you for whatever the process may present.

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