Written Exam Prep

Our police academy written exam prep covers a diverse array of topics to ensure that you’re fully prepared on test day.  This intense three-hour course covers everything from testing locations and upcoming dates to specific question styles, cross-filing information, and sample exam questions.

Physical Agility Boot Camp

Today’s officer needs to be in better shape than ever, though many candidates underestimate the physical demands.  Our boot camp is an intensive 6-week program that meets for one hour per week, to develop your physical agility and preparation for the Police Academy.

Personal Background Portfolio

Passing the written exam and physical agility tests are not enough to guarantee someone a career as a Police Officer.  The background and personal history portion of the process can be grueling.  This one-on-one session partners you with experienced background investigators who will walk you through the process to help you fully prepare.

Final Board Interview Prep

The final board interview often presents even the most qualified candidates with challenges.  In this one-hour mock interview, we take you through the process of being interviewed by a panel, before reviewing your recorded performance and offering improvement insight where needed.