Many people have the passion and dedication for service above self, leading them to working towards a career in law enforcement. However, not all those who begin the hiring process actually become Police Officers. In a climate where Police departments are having a difficult time recruiting new officers, it’s surprising to see that qualified candidates are not getting hired.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the easy, but often looked over, ways to prepare yourself for success as a candidate.

Know the process.  Unlike most civilian jobs, the hiring process for Police Officers is actually a disqualification process. May sound odd, but there are a number of steps along the hiring process that can be stressful and frustrating for candidates as they not only take a long time to complete, but also require detailed historical information. From the day you sign up for the test to the first day of a Police Academy, candidates can be waiting as long as one full year. Preparing yourself mentally for this time frame can make a huge difference as the months drag on.

Get your finances in check.  Most people don’t realize this, but when applying to be a police officer, your finances can make an impact on whether you are picked for an open position. For many departments having multiple financial issues is a sign of immaturity and irresponsibleness. Having a turbulent financial situation can be grounds for disqualification. If you’re concerned about finances, there are easy ways to get yourself on the right track:

  • Pay all your bills on time
  • Run a credit check on yourself at least once a year to ensure you are aware of any issues with your credit
  • If you have a number of loans or outstanding payments due, work to consolidate them with a credit counselor

Get involved in your community.  Many candidates overlook the benefits volunteering can have when going through the hiring process.  Volunteering with local organizations not only helps to build up your experience, but it also demonstrates your community to your community. This can differentiate you from other candidates with similar qualifications.

If you’re in the Rochester area and passionate about a career as a police officer, deputy sheriff, or other career in law enforcement, Police Exam Career Prep can give you the tools and training needed to make your dream a reality and get hired. Visit our Classes page to learn about upcoming preparation courses, or get in touch by calling 585-734-9122 for more info.