"We can help you beat the odds and achieve your dream of a career in law enforcement."

At Police Exam Career Prep, our instructors are active Officers and provide the fundamental tools and training to help make your dream of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer a reality.


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Police Exam Career Prep

At Police Exam Career Prep, we recognize just how difficult it has become to obtain a job in the field of law enforcement. We are experienced consultants who provide expert training, advice and guidance to individuals pursuing a career as a police officer, learn more by clicking the images below…

Written Entrance Exam Prep

Join us for a three-hour intense class and learn the proven method for scoring high on your police entrance exam. This method has been used by hundreds of Police Exam Career Prep students. Our instructors will break down the specific question styles you will see on the written exam. Students are given techniques on how to answer the questions and go through practice questions, preparation tips, and education to help ensure that you pass your written entrance exam.

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Physical Agility Prep

Our six-week boot camp style program focuses on getting students ready for law enforcement physical agility test as well as introduces them to the culture of a police academy. Students meet once a week for an hour-long boot camp session and are given weekly workouts to follow during the week. The program includes specific work outs to increase the students’ chances of passing the test. Each class is led by active members of law enforcement and includes a networking element that incorporates short lectures from Officers across various agencies. Each week class ends with a mock physical agility test and results are documented to ensure weekly progress is consistent.

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Interview Prep

Your interview can make or break your chances of getting hired by the department of your choice, we make sure you’re absolutely ready. Your mock interview includes a panel of Police Exam Career Prep experts asking you questions you may be asked during your real law enforcement interview. The interview is recorded. Once complete, Police Exam Career Prep experts review the interview with students and provide constructive criticism as well as helps the student create a story of who they are to present during the interview.

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Life Experience

We offer students the opportunity to prepare themselves for the background assessment with a personal history portfolio. Prior to getting a background from any department take the opportunity to meet with a Police Exam Career Prep expert and create your own personal background portfolio by filling out our questionnaire. Walk through your own personal history and compile all documents that may be required as part of the process.

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Regardless of which aspect of law enforcement you’re interested in, knowing what to expect and preparing yourself both mentally and physically will significantly improve your chances of getting hired. We invite you to learn more about how our team can help you achieve your dream of a career in law enforcement.

Advanced Exam Preparation for Police & Law Enforcement Candidates

With more and more people expressing interest in becoming a police officer, the demands have never been more stringent. The exam and interview process can be challenging, even intimidating to a degree, and knowing what to expect before-hand can save you a substantial amount of time and frustration. At Police Exam Career Prep, we’re a team of experienced Police Officers and Law Enforcement professionals who understand what it takes to get hired. Our training and preparation program is extensive yet practical, and designed to help you enter the process fully prepared and ready to excel.

If you’re ready to sign up, be sure to check out our Upcoming Classes page, or contact us directly at 585-734-9122 for answers to questions on our courses, staff or related inquiries.

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